Thomas & Flo - Baby Gifts & Accessories

Available exclusively though us, this is my own personal brad - welcome to Thomas & Flo! We are proud to present our small beautiful range of premium quality organic baby essentials.  We currently have the ultimate cannot-live-without multipurpose organic swaddle blanket and organic baby burp bibs. Our products are luxurious, beautiful to look at and and feel wonderfully soft.  Yet they are practical and will wash time after time. Our fabric is certified free from chemicals and toxins - that could be harmful to your baby, giving you peace of mind. We offer beautiful gift-boxing so our products also make perfect new parent gifts, new baby gifts, baby shower gifts and Christening gifts. Designed by a mum for mums - adding a bit of luxury to your everyday.  


With first-hand knowledge of motherhood,  a passion for simplicity and all things natural, combined with a desire to create beautiful and safe baby products, Thomas & Flo was born. We were founded in 2017 and it is our mission to create a range of premium, stylish, natural, baby-safe and functional baby essentials that add a bit of luxury to the everyday.  

Our current products - muslin swaddle blankets and baby burp bibs are made from 100% organic cotton, woven into a muslin fabric.  

Why Muslin? Muslin is well known for its absorbent, breathable and lightweight properties, and is ideal for those messy jobs as well as for swaddling, use as a nursing cover, crib sheet, travel blanket and so much more.  Following extensive research to find the best weave, softness and quality muslin possible, as well as being free of harmful toxins, we finally found a manufacturer who could produce exactly what we wanted. We have been shocked at the toxins present in much of the textiles on the market today. Our cottons are organic, dyes used are tested baby-safe, free of toxins such as formaldehyde, heavy metals and azos. Metal fasteners are hypo-allergenic and nickel and lead free.  All our products comply with current US (CPSIA) and EU (REACH) standards for baby-products. 

Safe Swaddling:


Swaddling is an age-old tradition of simulating the feeling of being in the womb for your baby, helping her feel safe and secure, prevent your baby from being disturbed by her own startle reflex and help to promote a peaceful night's sleep.



STEP 1: Fold down the top corner of the blanket, place your baby in the centre with the fold at shoulder height.  

STEP 2: Wrap one side over your baby and tuck under her arm and then behind her back

STEP 3: Fold up the bottom of the blanket over your baby's tummy and tuck over her shoulder and behind her back

STEP 4: Wrap the remaining flap all the way around your baby's body to the back.


It is important that you swaddle safely - here are some guidelines:

SWADDLE AT THE RIGHT AGE: always place your baby on her back. When your baby can roll onto her tummy, it is time to stop swaddling.  This can be anytime up until 6 months.

PLACE IN THE CORRECT POSITION: when creating the wrap ensure that your baby's hips and legs are free to move up and down. Place your baby's legs in a frog-like position to ensure this.  Not doing so could affect later development.

MAKE A SAFE WRAP: inure you use a suitable cloth for swaddling - muslin is ideal as it is lightweight and breathable. Ensure all loose ends are tucked in and do not swaddle too tightly.

CHECK TEMPERATURE: a young baby is unable to regulate her own temperature.  A lightweight breathable blanket helps prevent her from over heating.  However, check your baby's temperature frequently. 

Happy Swaddling!